My name is Michael Lunde and I am a basketball coach from Denmark. I have 15 years of coaching experience primarily coaching youth teams on the boys’ side with most of my experiences being within the age groups U14-U21. I have coached in some of the biggest clubs in Denmark, such as Hørsholm 79ers, with more than 500 players. I have also coached in Australia, at camps in Spain and with the Danish youth national teams.

I am a coach focusing on player skills development. Without a solid base of fundamentals, a player will never be among the best. I have coached at various levels from beginners to national team players.

Just to sum up:

  • 15 years of coaching experience
  • Danish youth national team coach
  • Coaching experience in Denmark, Australia and Spain
  • Second highest coaching degree in Denmark
  • Coached players going from club teams and youth national teams to the top national league and playing abroad
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